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McAllen Expunction Attorney Serving Clients In The Valley

Having your record expunged gives you the opportunity to have a fresh start. You will not have to tell your employer you have been convicted of a crime, and you have the opportunity to apply for loans and certifications that you would not have been able to otherwise.

The team at The Sanchez Law Firm will represent your interests and work to help make the process of getting an expunction as seamless as possible. We handle a broad range of criminal law matters and often receive cases through referrals from past clients and others in the community.

Benefits Of An Expunction

An expunction in Texas effectively allows you to delete or destroy a past conviction. Effectively, it then opens up many opportunities for an individual, including job opportunities, licensure opportunities and more. Nondisclosure through record sealing and dealing with related issues should only be handled by a lawyer who has had success in representing clients seeking expunctions.

As a former prosecutor, attorney Sergio Sanchez offers his clients the added benefit of knowing how both sides of the table approach a case. He is respected by prosecutors and known for being confident and fair in the courtroom. The Sanchez Law Firm works hard to help its clients get a fresh start by potentially sealing their records, and recognizes the strains that a criminal conviction can have on you and your family.

Contact The Sanchez Law Firm About An Expunction

We do not charge for initial consultations. Please call 956-467-5766 or contact the team online to schedule your appointment with attorney Sergio Sanchez. We handle cases in Edinburg, McAllen and throughout The Valley. Hablamos español.