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Why Is It Important To Have An Attorney Attend Your Parole Hearing?

Your parole hearing is important, and if there is a possibility that your parole will be revoked, you should be represented by an experienced attorney. The Sanchez Law Firm handles a broad range of criminal cases throughout The Valley, including parole hearings and parole revocation.

Our firm is led by attorney Sergio Sanchez, who is a former prosecutor and district attorney. He has handled countless criminal defense cases and is well-respected for his professionalism and integrity. Mr. Sanchez works with clients from all types of backgrounds and socio-economic groups. We are not here to judge your situation, but use our acquired legal skills to protect your rights, freedoms and liberties.

How Our Experienced Criminal Law Attorney Can Help

At The Sanchez Law Firm in McAllen, we are familiar with the parole board review process and how hearings work. We know what will be looked at and the procedural steps that will be taken in making a decision about your parole.

When you work with an attorney, you are much more likely to get a favorable outcome for your parole case. Our firm has significant experience working with clients in criminal matters, parole, probation and probation modifications, and more.

Get Experienced Legal Advice Now

We do not charge for the first consultation. To schedule a meeting, please contact us at 956-467-5766 or by completing a short contact form online. We serve clients in Edinburg, McAllen and throughout The Valley. Hablamos español.