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Injuries Caused By Unsafe Properties

Slips, trips and falls can result in serious injuries. Left untreated, these injuries can require a significant amount of medical treatment in order to correct. If you have fallen on someone else’s property, slipped because of spilled water in a grocery store or have tripped over debris that hasn’t been cleaned up, you may be entitled to benefits for a slip-and-fall claim.

At The Sanchez Law Firm in McAllen, we represent people who have been injured in slips, trips and falls throughout The Valley. We handle a wide range of personal injury cases, including motor vehicle accident claims.

Our attorney undertakes the legal burdens of your case so you do not have to focus on dealing with insurance, but can focus solely on recovering from your injuries. We can also help in explaining the type of benefits available for premises liability cases in Texas, and how they affect your claim.

Understanding The Complexities Of A Slip-And-Fall Or Premises Liability Claim

Insurance claims involving premises liability are not always straightforward in Texas. There are issues with personal property loss, insurance claims and benefits that should be addressed only by an experienced lawyer. Attorney Sergio Sanchez has years of experience advocating for people who have been injured as the result of another person’s negligent behaviors.

Slips, trips and falls can occur in convenience stores, supermarkets, shopping centers, parking lots, on someone’s personal property and in other areas. If you are able to take photos of the incident, debris or spillage of a substance, it is beneficial to your case. Photos of the incident are strong evidence that can be used in your claim.

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