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Defense Against Federal Criminal Charges

Federal charges can carry enhanced penalties, including extensive periods of incarceration, hefty fines and damaging felony records. When facing a federal charge relating to drug possession, money laundering or conspiracy, it can be in your best interests to hire a lawyer who understands how to help you mount a defense that offers you the chance to limit or eliminate the penalties stemming from a conviction.

At The Sanchez Law Firm, in McAllen, Texas, we understand the fear associated with federal charges and will work diligently to help you protect your future against the penalties stemming from a conviction. With more than 23 years of experience defending clients against criminal charges across the Rio Grande Valley (RGV), our federal criminal defense attorney is able to offer the aggressive legal representation you need to limit or eliminate the penalties stemming from a federal conviction.

Whether you are under federal investigation or charged with a federal crime, get help now. Call 956-467-5766 for a free, confidential consultation to discuss your federal criminal defense options.

Standing Strong Against Prosecutors With Experienced Federal Criminal Defense Representation

It is important to note that federal law enforcement agents and federal prosecutors have substantial resources. Often, a federal investigation takes many months, and sometimes years. Individuals may not be aware of the investigation until later in the process. If a federal agent knocks on your door, or otherwise contacts you, it is prudent to seek the guidance and representation of an experienced defense lawyer. If you have been indicted, time is of the essence in seeking representation.

Not all lawyers have experience in federal court, nor experience with federal law, the federal rules, and the federal sentencing guidelines. While criminal defense and constitutional principles in state and federal court have many similarities, the stakes in federal court are much higher. Federal criminal defense attorney Sergio Sanchez has substantial experience in federal court, and understands the nuances that specifically apply. From day one, it is critical that your lawyer has a strong command of the procedures and federal statutes, including the big picture issues that can arise from the federal sentencing guidelines. What may seem to be a favorable path the follow, may include unforeseen collateral consequences, if the big picture is not taken into account from the beginning.

Mr. Sanchez is diligent in all aspects of criminal defense. He analyzes every detail, and challenges every available legal discrepancy, exhausting the legal arguments for dismissal, motions to suppress evidence, and challenges to constitutional violations through hard work and legal acumen. He is able, and skillful, in federal court. He does not shy away from presenting a strong defense at trial, when necessary. A complete defense involves more than explaining what options may be available. Our approach involves keeping clients informed every step of the way, exhausting every legal challenge and going to trial, when needed.

Representing Clients In The United States District Court For The Southern District Of Texas

Over the years, we have successfully helped countless clients find favorable resolutions for various federal crime allegations, including:

Whatever your federal criminal charges may be, we will work diligently to help you avoid prison stays, hefty fines and a felony record.

Reach Out To A Formidable Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

Send us a quick message online or call our office in McAllen at 956-467-5766 to arrange your free consultation. We will learn about your individual circumstances; discuss your specific federal charges and you can learn more about how we can help to protect your rights and future.