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Complex Federal Bank Fraud Crimes Need An Intricate Defense

Federal bank fraud charges like wire fraud, embezzlement, mail fraud and securities fraud are complicated and broad in scope. If you have been accused of a federal bank fraud crime, you need an attorney who understands this complex area of the law. At The Sanchez Law Firm in McAllen, our attorney Sergio Sanchez is a former district attorney who used to prosecute cases in the Valley. Now, he aggressively defends clients throughout Texas who are facing serious federal criminal charges.

The Broad Scope Of Federal Fraud Charges

Bank fraud is a broad category of the law and is defined as a crime in which fraudulent means (such as fraudulent pretenses, representations or promises) were used to obtain money, assets or property from a financial institution. Some crimes can be charged at the state level, or they can be brought as criminal charges in federal court.

Federal bank fraud crimes can include:

  • Check, debit and credit card fraud: checks, credit or debit cards are used to illegally obtain money
  • Accounting fraud: the illegal alteration of a company’s financial statements
  • Phishing fraud: a scam designed to steal user data, information or credit details
  • Loan fraud: presenting false information to obtain a loan
  • Money laundering: depositing cash from a crime through a business or bank to make it look like it was legitimate

Any federal criminal charges are serious, but federal bank fraud crimes are especially so. If you have been accused of a federal bank fraud crime, you are facing severe potential consequences with sentencing guidelines that suggest harsh mandatory prison time and steep financial fines. A federal criminal defense attorney who understands the intricacies of bank fraud charges can help you prepare an aggressive criminal defense. Our attorney Sergio Sanchez used to work as a federal prosecutor, he understands federal bank fraud charges and he knows how to fight against them.

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