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Where And How Much Affect Drug Charges

Drug-related laws are continuously changing, especially as states begin to adopt laws concerning medicinal marijuana or put in place tougher sentences targeting specific types of controlled substances like methamphetamines. A criminal conviction can affect your life in countless ways, deciding who to hire to mount your defense is a critical one.

At The Sanchez Law Firm, we defend individuals against criminal charges related to drug crimes. Whether you are caught with a small amount for personal use or are charged with distribution of a significant amount, our lawyers have the defense skills necessary to protect your rights.

Possession Of Marijuana In A School Zone

Schools zones are drug-free areas. This includes elementary schools, secondary schools and day care center/preschool centers.

Drug possession charges in a drug-free area have enhanced ramifications, making situations that could have been classified as misdemeanor offenses now enhanced to felonies. We offer highly aggressive representation for our clients, starting with a thorough investigation of the situation. Our goal is to effectively negotiate a plea deal or to get the charges reduced.

Large-Scale Drug Possession/Distribution

Charges involving large-scale marijuana possession and distribution carry some of the highest penalties. Depending on the amount for which you are charged with, prior convictions and the circumstances of the situation, you could face years in prison. This is in addition to dealing with steep fines and the possibility of a conviction on your record.

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