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When Sexual Harassment Leads To A Hostile Workplace

The #MeToo movement has given a new voice to complaints of sexual harassment. In the workplace, sexual discrimination and harassment take many forms. Subtle bias and stereotypes might affect who a manager promotes, or it could be repeated offensive jokes or quid pro quo requests for sexual favors.

Any of this behavior can easily create a hostile environment. But is it enough to be illegal? If this question has crossed your mind, do not keep putting up with it. Set up an appointment with an employment law attorney who can analyze whether you have a claim.

At The Sanchez Law Firm, we represent clients in Edinburg and McAllen and across the Rio Grande Valley. We will fight to change the situation. We understand Texas employment law and what it will take to prove your case.

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What Makes Sexual Harassment Claims Complex?

Because unfair or inequitable conduct is not always enough to prove unlawful employment discrimination or harassment, these claims require a detailed review of what happened. It often takes piecing together a pattern of behavior or looking back through an organization’s history to uncover the improper behavior to support your claim.

We will listen to your story so that we can truly understand your concerns and your unique circumstances. After we learn what happened, we will provide an honest evaluation of your various legal options and help you determine which direction to take.

Standing Up For You

Have you complained to a manager or supervisor about what is happening? If nothing has changed, seek legal advice from a local lawyer.

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