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Two men from Edinburg facing drug charges

This blog recently discussed protections for individuals accused of drug charges. An investigation that led back to Texas recently led to the arrest of two individuals on drug charges in Edinburg and the arrest of one other man. The investigation has been ongoing for a couple of years and led to the arrest of numerous individuals. Based on a tip authorities stated they received, they obtained a search warrant and allegedly found drugs in the home searched.

Following that, the two men in Edinburg were taken into custody for questioning and their vehicle was impounded. Authorities allege they found cocaine and a firearm in the vehicle. One of the men from Edinburg is charged with drug trafficking cocaine, marijuana or illegal drugs. The other man from Edinburg is facing the same charge in addition to charges related to possession with the intent to manufacture drugs and possession of tools for the commission of a crime.

Criminal defense protections for drug charges

Drug charges can have a significant and deleterious impact on the life of an accused individual. Criminal charges for drug possession or distribution can potentially rob the accused individual of their freedom and future which is why it is essential for accused individuals to be familiar with their criminal defense rights and options to fight the charges they are facing.

Any type of drug charges, including charges for marijuana possession or marijuana distribution, can result in serious penalties and consequences for the accused individual. To begin with, it creates a criminal record which can impact the accused individual's ability to get a job, obtain housing, attend school or obtain a loan. Having a criminal record can also be taken into account if the accused individual ends up facing additional criminal charges at a later date. Accused individuals also face potential penalties including incarceration and fines.

Texas drivers cited for texting while driving as fatalities down

Distracted driving accidents can cause a variety of different types of harm to victims. Thousands of warnings and tickets against distracted driving have been issued in Texas. In total, Texas authorities issues 6,171 warnings and 2,022 tickets for drivers texting while driving during a nearly one- and-a-half-year period. The number traffic accidents, it was recently reported, went down in Texas for the first time in years. In the past year, traffic deaths have dropped 4 percent from 3,720 in 2017 to 3,567 in 2018. The new law in the state banning texting while driving is thought to have had some impact.

Texting and driving is considered a particularly dangerous of the different distracted driving behaviors drivers engage in. It is recommended that drivers keep their eyes on the roadway at all times and avoid trying to multi task while driving. Distracted driving behaviors refer to any activity that removes the driver's eyes from the roadway, hands from the wheel or focus and attention from the task of driving. Distracted driving is dangerous and can result in serious accidents, injuries and fatalities.

Understanding car accident liability

The different types of harm victims of car accidents can suffer can quickly pile up following a car accident. Victims of car accidents can suffer a variety of physical, financial and emotional damages they need help with following an unexpected car accident.

As a result, it is important for victims to understand car accident liability and who may be responsible to compensate them for the harm they have suffered. It is also helpful for victims to be familiar with what they may be compensated for when a negligent driver has harmed them. Car accident liability is based on negligence which means that when a negligent driver causes a car accident that harms others, they may be responsible to compensate them for their damages.

How to negotiate a plea agreement

Because many criminal cases end up in a plea bargain, it is helpful for accused individuals to be familiar with the process and know how to effectively negotiate a plea bargain, if that is what they choose to do. Because plea bargains can involve not pursuing other criminal defense avenues, and the accused individual waiving some of their criminal defense rights, it is helpful for accused individuals to carefully consider the plea-bargaining process.

There are different areas of negotiation related to a plea bargain. A plea bargain refers to when criminal charges are addressed through the process of the accused individual pleading guilty to some or all of the charges, or different charges, in exchange for a reduction in the number or nature of charges they are facing or a favorable recommendation to the judge for a reduced sentence.

Why could your charges get dismissed?

You never thought this would be you, but it's happened. You got arrested. You're facing charges. You cannot help but think about your future and all of the ways that these charges could change it forever. You're worried that you will never be able to put your life back together again.

Most people feel like this when they get arrested. You're not alone. That also does not mean that all of your fears are going to come true.

Criminal defense options for those accused of sexual assault

Sexual assault charges are a type of assault charges that can be particularly sensitive and serious. Sexual assault charges can result in serious penalties and consequences for accused individuals which is why criminal defense protections become essential to understand.

Depending on the circumstances, including if a weapon is allegedly used or bodily harm is done, aggravated assault charges may also be something the accused individual may possibly face. Penalties for sex crimes can be significant and can include incarceration and sex offender registry requirements. The penalties and consequences associated with sexual assault charges can be ongoing for those accused of committing a sex offense.

The dangers of texting while driving for car accident victims

Texting while driving is dangerous for drivers and for those they share the roadways with. Texting while driving can lead to car accidents that may result in devastating injuries and harm to car accident victims that they may have to live with for the rest of their lives.

Texting and driving is considered the most serious form of distracted driving that drivers can engage in. Of the wide variety of distracted driving behaviors drivers may engage in, texting while driving involves cognitive, visual and manual distraction which is what makes it exceptionally dangerous. While all distracted driving behaviors are serious, and can create a risk of car accidents, texting while driving is particularly dangerous.

Devastating effects of brain injuries for car accident victims

This blog recently discussed the different types of injuries car accident victims may suffer. Brain injuries are one of the most damaging and devastating types of car accident injuries victims can suffer which can, unfortunately, alter their lives forever.

Long after the car accident, car accident victims may find themselves struggling with the impacts of a car accident. Brain injuries can have a negative impact on the lives of victims by destroying their cognitive function and also impacting them physically and emotionally. The results of a traumatic brain injury can leave victims unable to work as they had before and they may also face challenges with everyday activities they once performed with ease. Mood and personality disruptions can make relationships with family and friends, once easy and uneventful, challenging.

Protection for victims injured in car accidents

Car accident injuries can have a dramatic impact on the everyday lives of victims and their families. Injuries can be serious and require an extensive recovery period or they can be debilitating and disfiguring, which is why injured victims must be familiar with the legal resources available to help them when they have been harmed.

Personal injury legal protections can help victims of car accidents with the medical expenses they incur while recovering from the injuries they suffered in a car accident; with the lost wages they are unable to earn while recovering from their injuries; and with pain and suffering damages as they cope with the emotional trauma of the accident.

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