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The vital importance of criminal defense rights

The consequences of a criminal conviction can be extensive and accused individuals should understand what they are. Potential penalties and consequences associated with criminal charges can range from jail or prison time and fines to the ongoing impacts that can be felt later in life.

A criminal conviction can impact accused individuals down the road by creating a criminal record they will have to carry but also by impacting employment, education and housing opportunities for accused individuals. As a result, regardless of the type of criminal charge the accused individual is facing, it is serious and should not be treated lightly. Accused individuals, however, have important criminal defense protections and rights they should be familiar with.

Legal help for victims of drunk drivers

Victims of drunk drivers may have their lives up-ended by a drunk driver in a single instant. They may be left facing extensive injuries and have to figure out how to pay for all of the medical care and treatment they need and the damages they have suffered.

In many circumstances following car accident, victims can receive the help they need through a personal injury claim for damages. A personal injury claim for damages can help with the physical, financial and emotional damages victims commonly suffer when they are harmed by a negligent driver such as a drunk driver. A personal injury claim for damages may result in going to trial or may alternately result in a settlement for damages.

South Texas police chief arrested on domestic violence charges

Domestic assault charges are serious criminal charges that should be carefully considered. In the Edinburgh area, a police chief was recently arrested on domestic violence charges. The South Texas police chief was arrested and jailed on a charge of assault causing bodily injury to a family member. The chief's common-law wife reported that the police chief had assaulted her. According to authorities, the man's wife had minor injuries. The 64-year old police chief had been suspended from work.

Domestic assault charges, accusations and allegations like those noted in this case can result in serious penalties and consequences for accused individuals. Because those involved are either romantically involved or related, the situation can reverberate throughout a family and the local community. Due to the potential impact, it is important for those accused to understand what they face and how best to move forward.

What statutes of limitation apply to civil lawsuits in Texas?

Imagine that someone hurt you in an accident 10 years ago, and you decided yesterday that you want to pursue a personal injury claim to collect damages. Unfortunately, in the vast majority of circumstances, you're probably out of luck. You can't pursue a damage claim in civil court after so many years have passed due to Texas statutes of limitation.

Statutes of limitation serve to limit the amount of time within which a plaintiff can pursue a lawsuit for damages. Once this time limit has passed, plaintiffs are generally forever barred from being able to seek compensation.

Help for victims of catastrophic injuries

There are a variety of catastrophic injuries that can occur in a car accident which can impact victims for some time to come and, in some circumstances, for the rest of their lives. As a result, it is important for victims and their families to be familiar with personal injury legal protections that can help them with the harm and damages they face now and in the future.

Catastrophic injuries victims may suffer can include spinal cord injuries; back and neck injuries; serious amputations; brain injuries, including traumatic brain injuries; and burn injuries. Brain injuries can be severe injuries that can impact the victim's cognitive abilities, physical abilities and they may experience emotional, mood and personality disturbances as a result of a traumatic brain injury. Brain injuries can result in a lifetime of disability. In addition, burn injuries may also result in disability, disfigurement and death.

Legal protections for victims of texting and driving

This blog recently discussed the severity of distracted driving accidents and the serious danger they pose. Texting while driving can lead to serious car accidents for victims that can result in significant harm to them and their families.

Negligent drivers who cause harm to others by texting while driving or other means may be liable to compensate the victims for their damages. Damages can include compensation for medical expenses, future medical costs, lost wages, lost-earning capacity and pain and suffering damages. Damages are intended to help victims with the physical, financial and emotional harm associated with an unexpected car accident.

Wrongful death legal protections protect family members

Wrongful death claims are a type of personal injury claim that protects surviving family members of a victim wrongfully killed in a car accident or other types of traumatic accident. A wrongful death legal action can be brought on behalf of the lost loved one's estate for the benefits of surviving family members and damages and legal remedies may be available.

A wrongful death claim for damages is brought against a negligent driver or other negligent party responsible for the wrongful death or killing of the victim. The negligent party at fault may be liable to compensate surviving family members for wrongful death damages that can include medical expenses; funeral expenses; loss of support and services; loss of companionship and consortium; lost prospect of inheritance and other damages as well.

Distracted driving-related accidents are more severe study says

A new study reports that car accidents caused by distracted driving tend to be more severe than other car accidents and that the severity also depends on the type of setting the car accident occurs in. Protections are available to help victims of distracted driving-related car accidents because of how serious those accidents are.

Distracted driving increases the odds that the car accident will result in injury or death when compared with other types of car accidents. This can be especially true of distracted driving-related car accidents that result in a rear-end accident or that take place in work zones or on interstate highways. By contrast, roadway configurations that require drivers to pay attention can reduce the severity of distracted driving-related car accidents.

The possibly penalties for drunk driving and what to do

Penalties for drunk driving can be serious which is why no drunk driving charge should ever be taken lightly. Sentences for drunk driving can be significant and can include a combination of penalties such as jail time, fines, suspension or revocation of a driver's license, completion of a course for drug or alcohol abuse, installation of an ignition interlock device, probation and a criminal record.

A DWI charge can lead to many negative consequences for accused individuals. Because of that reality, a strong criminal defense is necessary. Criminal defense strategies may focus on different aspects of the accusations and charges against the accused individual but are always focused on protecting the accused individual's rights. Accused individuals have important criminal defense rights no matter what type of criminal charges they are facing.

A look at distracted driving in Texas

Distracted driving remains a dangerous problem in Texas. Over a three-year period in Texas, one in five car accidents was attributed to distracted driving. Texas has initiated a campaign to educate drivers about the dangers of distracted driving and encourage drivers throughout Texas to put down their cell phones while driving.

During 2017, there were a total of 537,475 car accidents and 100,687 of them, or 19 percent, involved some type of distracted driving such as driver distraction, inattention or cell phone use. Of those distracted driving-related car accidents, victims suffered 2,889 serious injuries and 444 fatalities. As of last fall, a statewide law in Texas made it illegal for drivers to read, write or send a text while driving.

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