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Distracted driving behaviors can cause car accident injury

While no-one ever wants to be on the wrong side of car accident injury, it happens to thousands of drivers and passengers every year! There can be so many reasons behind why a car accident happened, but one that has been prominently avoidable is distracted driving behaviors. Distracted driving is really any activity that takes a driver's primary focus off the road. With technology where it's at, it's often related to cell-phone use which can be very dangerous.

Laws have passed in recent years, or they are in legislation now, to ensure that drivers are cell phone free. However, just because cell phone use is prohibited by law doesn't mean that all drivers will respect and adhere to that regulation. It's so easy to take your eyes off the road while texting, eating, or even putting on makeup and it can cause a car accident in the blink of an eye. When drivers do not have the ability to react to a car accident (because their attention is elsewhere) it can cause an accident in which the injuries are serious.

What types of damages can accident victims recover?

After a serious car accident, victims often have more questions than answers. They don't know what happened, who is to blame or how bad their injuries may be. This situation can be frustrating and confusing, especially when victims don't get full and accurate questions to these answers.

For instance, many accident victims don't know what types of damages they may be entitled to after an accident with negligent driver. In many cases, there could be far more at stake than the costs of repairing a vehicle.

Car accident victims can have lasting injuries and impact

Thinking about all the times we enter our vehicles it often leaves open the possibility to being injured in a car accident. The statistics about car accidents and the possibility to be impacted in our lifetime is much more likely than many realize. Even if a car accident isn't our fault, the possibility for injury is there regardless of the fault behind it. When involved in a car accident and suffering the corresponding injuries, one should consider their options.

While most daily commutes and trips to the grocery store will go off without a hitch, it only takes one time. Even car accidents in which a person isn't going that quickly can cause serious injuries that are pesky and can cause reoccurring symptoms like whiplash and other common injuries associated with rear-end car accidents. Understanding other driver's liability and responsibility to others' safety on the road can have an impact on how injury victims are given reparation, whether by that driver's insurance company or their own insurance company.

Two people charged in Edinburg double homicide

Police in Edinburg are investigating what appears to be a brutal double homicide. Two suspects have been arrested and charged with the assault and murder of a couple who lived in Edinburg.

The police became involved when a relative of the victims called to say that he had not been able to reach either victim for several days. Police then visited the home to check on their welfare. According to the police complaint, the officers who were checking the house and the property noticed a pile of several wooden pallets that appeared to be covering a large item. On closer inspection, the officers found a shape that resembled a human body wrapped in a carpet and covered by black plastic. Officers pulled off the carpet and found what appeared to be two decomposing human bodies.

There is more to plea negotiation than meets the eye

If you have been formally charged with a crime, such as assault or drug-related charges, you likely have a lot of questions and feel some sense of uncertainty as to what's to happen next. This is completely normal, most people do not have an intimate knowledge of the laws and processes that occur when one is accused of a crime. There are a few ways to approach criminal charges. Suppose they are charges related to DWI. One way to approach and handle the charges is through plea bargaining or plea negotiation.

Most of us understand what a plea is. This is what an accused person 'enters' in terms of being accused of a crime and either accepting or declining the validity of the charges against themselves. While most of us envision this process happening in a court room, the reality is that plea negotiations can be entered anywhere just as long as the correct people are present to witness and enter the plea. Plea bargains must have three elements in order to be valid.

Edinburg pastor accused of sexual assault

There are all types of ways a person can commit a crime against another person. That's why criminal law exists, to better protect and prosecute those who did commit a crime against their fellow man. However, criminal accusations are not convictions until they are brought to trial and convicted for that crime. An Edinburg pastor is accused of sexual assault, among other felony charges, due to his alleged actions against a woman in her home.

According to allegations, the Mission pastor of a local religious group was called to the woman's home to help her treat an illness. According to the woman's allegations, he sexually assaulted her after injecting her with an unknown substance. On the man's website, he claims to be a professional surgeon. However, according to the Texas Medical board, the man is not licensed to practice medicine in the United States.

Crafting a quality criminal defense against crime allegations

It can come as a shock for those and their loved ones when criminal accusations or charges arise in connection with a crime. While accusations and charges are not final until proven guilty in a court of law, it is still something you should take seriously and consider how these allegations could impact the accused and their family in the future. This is especially why a quality criminal defense, crafted for each person's unique situation, is so attractive.

There are a range of different criminal charges for which one could be accused. Drug crimes, domestic assault or other felonies or misdemeanors could plague a person accused of these crimes. A varying range of potential consequences upon conviction could include jail time, fines and other repercussions that would be undesirable for any person and their family to endure. A good criminal defense will defend you, a great criminal defense will put an entirely different spin on a prosecutor's case against the accused.

The impact a distracted driver crash and serious injury can have

We have all seen those people driving on Edinburgh roads. They have a cheeseburger in their hand, or maybe a cell phone and seem distracted, to say the least, from the real task at hand. That task is driving, if you are behind the wheel, that is your first and only priority. Distracted driving happens all the time for a variety of reasons and it can easily cause a car accident and serious injuries involving other drivers and passengers on the roads.

Why are distracted drivers so dangerous? When a person's attention is turned away from the road and focused on something else, even for a split second, it can cause a car accident. This is because reaction time can be severely delayed or impaired which can cause a person to react in a way they wouldn't have, had they been paying attention only to the road and not their distraction. If you suspect a car accident injury you or a loved one suffered is due to another person's distracted driving decisions, this would be a case of negligence.

How do you prove another driver's negligence caused injuries?

It's every family's worst nightmare. Discovering that you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident that resulted in injuries can be scary and stressful. Attending to the injured individual's health takes precedence in this situation but it's only a matter of time before families want answers. Proving negligence in car accident claims requires a few elements in order to prove fault and seek damages.

Car accident injuries can vary widely in severity and ailments. No two car accidents are ever really the same. However, an investigation into the events leading up to and at the time of the crash can help to determine who may be at fault. Negligence is defined as an act in which a person acts in a careless way and this results in injury to another. Elements required to prove a car accident negligence case include duty, breach, causation and damages.

Mexico’s no-tolerance law on crossing the border with a gun

Gun ownership extends long into our Mexican-American history. It is not illegal to own a gun but it is when trying to cross the Mexican border. Unless you have a government permit issued prior to crossing, you are automatically guilty of committing a crime.

Mexican authorities have no tolerance for bringing firearms into their country. This includes ammunition. Customs officials are not obligated to make any exceptions. Even if you were unaware of the laws prior to crossing, a crime has been committed.  

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