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McAllen And Edinburg Drug Crimes Defense Attorney

Drug charges ranging from drug possession to trafficking and manufacturing can be complex issues to address alone. With the many penalties and lasting impacts stemming from a conviction, you need a lawyer who understands how to help you defend you against these charges.

Located in McAllen, Texas, The Sanchez Law Firm, our attorney leverages more than 24 years of experience to offer assertive criminal defense services to Edinburg and McAllen area. We have experience in state and federal court. Every type of charge, including drug possession, trafficking or manufacturing charges are in our wheelhouse.

Our founding lawyer has a background as a prosecutor. He is able to provide the informative and insightful advice you need in order to present the strongest defense possible. A strong defense to drug charges may improve your chances of limiting or eliminating the penalties stemming from a conviction.

If you have been charged with a drug-related crime, we can help. Call 956-467-5766 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your concerns today.

The Aggressive Defense You Need For State And Federal Drug Crimes

Convictions for drug crimes relating to marijuana, crystal meth, cocaine and heroin can have a lasting impact on your future. A felony drug conviction can affect your chances of getting a job, renting an apartment or obtaining student loans. Our drug crime defense attorney fights to protect your future throughout your criminal proceedings, all while working to limit or eliminate the charges against you.

This aggressive approach allows us to provide defense to clients facing any form of Texas or federal drug offenses, including:

As an ex-prosecutor, attorney Sanchez has built a rapport with area judges and prosecutors. This background and experience allows us to find resolutions to even the most complicated controlled substance allegations. Whether you wish to negotiate a favorable plea deal or would rather go to trial, criminal defense attorney Sergio Sanchez provides deep legal analysis. He is strong in challenging evidence in pre-trial motions. He fights throughout the case and is strong in negotiation and criminal trial representation.

Providing A Comprehensive Defense To Your Texas Drug Charges

Popular television shows often portray criminal defense as merely devising a strategy to create reasonable doubt through a so-called “theory” of the case. Our strategy involves a comprehensive strategy to challenge every aspect of the prosecutor’s case. It is not enough to develop a single defense strategy that may result in a favorable outcome.

We evaluate the big picture and challenge the evidence to determine whether the prosecution’s case has any basis for the each of the basic elements of the alleged offense. Our thorough analysis looks deep to see if there are weaknesses in the probable cause to support the drug charges. We scrutinize the evidence. Each step along the way needs analysis.

Steps in the process where issues arise may include:

  • Reasonable suspicion leading to a traffic stop or street encounter
  • Probable cause to search and basis for any exception to the warrant requirement
  • The probable cause for a search warrant
  • The chain of custody of any evidence
  • Lab reports and processes involved analyzing the controlled substances or other forensic evidence

We fight to suppress evidence and seek dismissal through pre-trial motions.

At The Sanchez Law Firm, we fight for clients at every step with thorough legal and factual analysis. We analyze the circumstances to assess whether the charges may be resolved through a pre-trial diversion program. We review police conduct throughout the process to uncover potential flaws. Weaknesses may include lack of reasonable suspicion or probable cause at every stage of the interaction with the accused.

Does The Fourth Amendment Apply In Drug Crime Defense?

Criminal drug cases may often involve search and seizure issues. The Fourth Amendment provides constitutional protection against an unlawful search. It is critical that your criminal defense lawyer has a deep understanding of all the nuances of Fourth Amendment constitutional principles. Sergio Sanchez is that lawyer.

Fourth Amendment issues may arise in a number of ways, regardless of whether the charges involve possession, distribution or other forms of controlled substance crimes. From illicit drug testing, to searches in a routine stop, every detail carries great importance. Searches may occur in a roadside traffic stop. Police may try to search your pockets, your car, or show up to search your house. Notably, a search warrant may be challenged in some cases where police get some routine warrant that is thin or involves flaws.

Some cases lead to a favorable resolution before trial. However, criminal defense lawyer Sergio Sanchez is prepared to present an experienced, formidable and persuasive defense in pre-trial litigation, as well as in a criminal trial. Every challenge is available as a part of our flat fee in every case, so there are no surprises in the overall cost of our comprehensive criminal defense.

Act Fast To Retain An Experienced Drug Crime Defense Trial Attorney

To discuss your concerns with a lawyer with extensive criminal law experience on both sides of the courtroom, call our office in McAllen at 956-467-5766 or send a message online right now. Our phones are answered 24/7, and we respond promptly to messages. Find out about your rights from our Rio Grande Valley lawyer at The Sanchez Law Firm.

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