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McAllen Attorney For Deferred Adjudication In The Valley

Deferred adjudication is a specific type of probation in Texas. The benefit of getting deferred adjudication is that once the probation is completed, you effectively avoid a conviction. Avoiding a criminal conviction is in your best interests and will be extremely helpful in the future.

The Sanchez Law Firm handles deferred adjudication, probation modifications, expunctions/expungements and more. Lead attorney Sergio Sanchez is a former prosecutor and district attorney, and brings an advantage to our firm having experience from both sides. He is aggressive and works to minimize the damages of a criminal charge at all costs.

Deferred Adjudication Benefits

Unlike other types of probation, deferred adjudication does not necessarily result in a conviction. If you complete the program without any issues, your case is dismissed. After the program is completed, you can file a petition for nondisclosure and potentially get your records sealed.

Our talented lawyer will not take unnecessary risks, but will pursue defense strategies that are known to be effective. Protecting our clients’ rights is our first and most important priority. Clients who choose to work with The Sanchez Law Firm benefit from our in-depth knowledge of criminal laws and our abilities in the courtroom.

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