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Defending The Rights Of The Accused In The Rio Grande Valley

Accusations of domestic violence have long-lasting consequences. Aside from criminal sentences that can include jail time, you may face a public stigma from your family, friends and colleagues. A conviction related to a domestic violence arrest may also affect your Second Amendment right to bear arms.

At The Sanchez Law Firm, we take the charges against you as seriously as you do. Our attorney, Sergio Sanchez, has more than 23 years of experience handling criminal cases involving domestic abuse. Through his assertive, proactive method, he has secured dismissed charges, reduced charges and acquittals for clients in McAllen and the surrounding Rio Grande Valley communities.

Criminal Defense Protection From A Former Prosecutor

Sergio Sanchez is a former Texas district attorney who prosecuted hundreds of domestic abuse cases. He understands exactly how the prosecution puts together a case. As a result, he knows the best strategies that he can put to use for your defense. Whether the charge against you is a misdemeanor or a felony, he has the experience and knowledge to protect your rights.

Domestic violence charges in Texas rely on a mixture of statutes from the criminal code (Texas Penal Code related to assault charges) and the definitions listed in the family code. Notably, domestic assault allegations may involve a wide range of relationships that go beyond your spouse or a member of your immediate family. Allegations of assault involving a family member, household member, or a current or past dating partner may elevate the allegations to domestic violence charges.

Creating a strong defense to domestic violence charges may require a multi-level approach that involves pre-trial legal challenges, effective negotiations between your defense lawyer and the prosecutor, as well as skilled courtroom advocacy. Criminal defense attorney Sergio Sanchez has a strong command of the law, and knows how to cross-examine witnesses, challenge the prosecutor’s evidence present a compelling defense every step of the way.

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