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Protecting Your Rights After A DWI Charge

When a police officer claims you were driving drunk, it can immediately impact your daily routine, cost you a lot of money and inconvenience your friends and family. A DWI conviction can lead to driver’s license suspension, hefty fines and even jail time. These penalties may be avoided or reduced with the assistance of an experienced McAllen lawyer.

At The Sanchez Law Firm, our DWI lawyer has spent more than 24 years providing assertive DWI defense to clients in Edinburg and across the Rio Grande Valley (RGV). With the knowledge gained in a decade of criminal defense, we can provide the detailed legal advice you need to make informed decisions. Your initial actions can affect criminal and administrative proceedings and help you potentially avoid unnecessary expense and lasting harm.

Don’t wait — Call 956-687-7700 for a free consultation to discuss your DWI concerns. We’ll explain how we will mount a strong defense to limit the penalties.

Get The Experience Of A Former DA On Your Side

As a former district attorney, our lawyer is able to offer the insightful advice you need to understand the criminal charges against you, the options you have in defending yourself against them and what to expect from your proceedings.

From the moment you are arrested throughout your proceedings, our staff stands by your side to offer the aggressive defense you need to protect your rights throughout the life of your case.

We will carefully examine the events leading to your traffic stop, the arresting officer’s actions during the stop and the evidence against you to search for weaknesses or deviations from set policies that can be used as leverage to have the charges reduced or dropped altogether.

Whether we are able to negotiate a favorable plea, or you would be better served to take your case to court, you can rest assured that we will advocate to limit the harm done to your driving privileges, your wallet, your job and your future.

Act Now — Initial Consultations Are Free

Send us a message online or call 956-687-7700 to discuss your specific DWI concerns today. We represent clients in Edinburg, McAllen and throughout Hidalgo County.