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McAllen Criminal Defense Lawyer For Record Sealing In The Valley

A criminal conviction affects so many aspects of your job. When you apply for a job, complete an application for living in an apartment complex or seek specific security clearance, a criminal conviction can negatively impact the outcome of the application. Under certain circumstances, individuals may apply to get their records sealed and have an expunction.

The Sanchez Law Firm in McAllen can help you with this process. We have a strongly established criminal law practice and are led by a defense lawyer who is a former prosecutor and district attorney. Sergio Sanchez uses his experience as a former prosecutor to get results that help his clients get on the right track. He recognizes the limitations of a criminal conviction, and what that means to your family, and will do what he can to prevent a conviction from jeopardizing your future.

Record Sealing, Expunctions And Deferred Adjudication

Not everyone is eligible to get his or her record sealed, an expunction or deferred adjudication, so it is important to talk with an attorney before assuming you are or are not eligible. When you come to The Sanchez Law Firm, we will take time to explain the qualifications for record sealing, how it helps your situation and what you can expect if you are eligible.

Once your record is sealed, it means that your prior conviction is no longer public record and our firm will help you with this process. In addition to record sealing, we handle issues relating to:

We also handle related issues such as parole hearings and probation modifications.

Contact The Team At The Sanchez Law Firm

We do not charge for the first consultation. To schedule a meeting, please contact us at 956-467-5766 or by completing a short contact form online. We handle cases in Edinburg, McAllen and throughout The Valley in Texas. Se habla español.