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Your Ally When It Comes To Protective Orders

For a victim of domestic violence, a protective order (PO) can grant much-needed relief from violence, stalking and harassment. For someone on the other end of a PO, though, it can force them to move out of their home, make it nearly impossible to see their children and add a strong negative social stigma.

At The Sanchez Law Firm, we understand both sides of the issue when it comes to domestic violence orders of protection. Attorney Sergio Sanchez has the experience in the courtroom to know how to prepare and present a compelling case. Whether you are seeking a protective order or need a thorough and strong defense in a protective order hearing, it is critical to work with an attorney that understands all the contours of these disputes.

As a former prosecutor; as a criminal defense lawyer; and, as a goal-oriented family law attorney, Mr. Sanchez has the depth and breadth of experience to fight to protect your interests. Moreover, he has the work ethic to put the proper amount of attention and work into your case and to fight for optimal results on your behalf.

How Do I Get A Protective Order?

A protective order is a court-issued document that orders someone to stop harming, threatening, stalking or harassing another person. A PO can also extend to children and other members of a household. To get a PO, you need to:

  1. Go to the courthouse in your jurisdiction.
  2. Fill out a document called an Application for a Protective Order.
  3. Receive a temporary emergency protective order (TRO) that lasts until your court hearing.
  4. Receive a date for your court hearing.
  5. At your court hearing, the judge will either grant a protective order or dismiss your petition.

For the best chance of getting a PO, work with an experienced domestic abuse lawyer like attorney Sanchez who can help you understand the process.

What If Someone Filed A PO Against Me?

First, do not try to contact the person who filed the order. Instead, contact a domestic violence defense attorney immediately. Obey all the terms of the temporary PO for now. Your criminal defense lawyer can help you understand your rights, including how to visit your children, if possible.

Speak With A Knowledgeable Attorney Who Can Help You

Your life right now might feel overwhelming, but The Sanchez Law Firm can assist you. When you are ready, schedule a free, confidential initial consultation with us. To begin, please call our McAllen office at 956-467-5766 or send us an email; we respond 24/7.