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Fighting Charges Related To Synthetic Marijuana In The Valley

Texas state laws involving synthetic marijuana are fairly new. Most people are unaware of the serious consequences of possession of synthetic marijuana (often called K2) and the importance of having an attorney represent your interests if you face charges.

The Sanchez Law Firm handles drug crimes and related crimes involving possession and distribution of controlled substances. Our firm proudly maintains a proven track record and maintains a high level of professionalism when working with clients.

Lead attorney Sergio Sanchez has more than 23 years of experience representing clients throughout The Valley. He is a former prosecutor and district attorney, which means he understands cases from both the prosecutor’s and defense’s perspectives. He is highly aggressive in the courtroom when defending his clients, yet understanding when communicating and interacting with his clients outside of court.

K2/Synthetic Marijuana Possession And Distribution

Synthetic marijuana and related substances can be punishable by jail time and hefty fines. In felony cases, the consequences are even more serious. This includes prison time (up to a lifetime), a felony conviction on your record and tens of thousands of dollars worth of fines.

At The Sanchez Law Firm, we are knowledgeable of synthetic marijuana laws and the defense strategies that are most likely to help eliminate a lasting impact on your record. We work to gain the upper hand in criminal proceedings so we are in an effective position to negotiate a favorable plea or get the charges dropped.

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