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What happens if police catch you with someone else’s prescription?

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

When a doctor gives you a prescription, you may not take it all. Then, if someone you know gets sick, you may consider sharing your medication. Doing so could get that person in trouble with the police.

Taking a medication that a doctor prescribed for someone else is prescription abuse. People who take other people’s prescriptions can become addicted. Not only is it dangerous to share medications but it is also illegal in Texas.

Sharing medications with others can lead to abuse

When you share medications, especially opioids, it can lead to addiction. When people abuse opioids, that abuse can lead to serious health issues and even death.

Sharing antibiotics does not help others

An antibiotic is not effective unless you take all of it. If you give the rest to someone else, they will not get the full benefit of that medication.

Sharing medications is illegal

If you share opioids or other or other dangerous medications with others, you could face felony charges. The court considers this to be drug distribution. If a court convicts you of a felony drug crime, you may find it hard to find a job after you get out of prison.

Even if the medication you share with others is not an opioid or other harmful substance, it could still cause harm to others. The friend or family member you share that medication with could have an adverse reaction. They could develop an allergic reaction or even die. If that happens, the police could charge you with murder.