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April 2018 Archives

There is more to plea negotiation than meets the eye

If you have been formally charged with a crime, such as assault or drug-related charges, you likely have a lot of questions and feel some sense of uncertainty as to what's to happen next. This is completely normal, most people do not have an intimate knowledge of the laws and processes that occur when one is accused of a crime. There are a few ways to approach criminal charges. Suppose they are charges related to DWI. One way to approach and handle the charges is through plea bargaining or plea negotiation.

Edinburg pastor accused of sexual assault

There are all types of ways a person can commit a crime against another person. That's why criminal law exists, to better protect and prosecute those who did commit a crime against their fellow man. However, criminal accusations are not convictions until they are brought to trial and convicted for that crime. An Edinburg pastor is accused of sexual assault, among other felony charges, due to his alleged actions against a woman in her home.

Crafting a quality criminal defense against crime allegations

It can come as a shock for those and their loved ones when criminal accusations or charges arise in connection with a crime. While accusations and charges are not final until proven guilty in a court of law, it is still something you should take seriously and consider how these allegations could impact the accused and their family in the future. This is especially why a quality criminal defense, crafted for each person's unique situation, is so attractive.

The impact a distracted driver crash and serious injury can have

We have all seen those people driving on Edinburgh roads. They have a cheeseburger in their hand, or maybe a cell phone and seem distracted, to say the least, from the real task at hand. That task is driving, if you are behind the wheel, that is your first and only priority. Distracted driving happens all the time for a variety of reasons and it can easily cause a car accident and serious injuries involving other drivers and passengers on the roads.

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