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March 2018 Archives

How do you prove another driver's negligence caused injuries?

It's every family's worst nightmare. Discovering that you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident that resulted in injuries can be scary and stressful. Attending to the injured individual's health takes precedence in this situation but it's only a matter of time before families want answers. Proving negligence in car accident claims requires a few elements in order to prove fault and seek damages.

Mexico's no-tolerance law on crossing the border with a gun

Gun ownership extends long into our Mexican-American history. It is not illegal to own a gun but it is when trying to cross the Mexican border. Unless you have a government permit issued prior to crossing, you are automatically guilty of committing a crime.

Self-driving car strikes, kills pedestrian

The topic of self-driving cars has been in the news for many years. It perpetually feels like these futuristic vehicles are always on the horizon, but they never come to fruition. Well for the last few days, self-driving cars have been in the news for all the wrong reasons. It appears that the first ever fatal accident involving a self-driving car has occurred, with an Uber SUV running into a pedestrian in Arizona.

Texas tough on drunk driving

Around the nation, Texas is known as a place that does not go easy on people who make mistakes. When someone in our state gets behind the wheel of a vehicle after drinking alcohol, they can be arrested and subject to a wide range of punishments.

Interstate crash takes the lives of Texas sisters, 11 and 14

It is a phenomenon that is far too common on Texas highways and city streets: multiple vehicle accidents in the same spot. Sometimes a car accident happens along a highway and passing motorists are so fascinated by the sight of the crash that they forget to pay attention to the vehicles around them.

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