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June 2018 Archives

Did texting and driving contribute to your car accident injury?

We've all seen them. Distracted drivers out on the road in Texas, paying attention to everything but the actual activity of driving. Whether it be eating food with the steering wheel in one hand, reaching around to grab something in the back seat or another totally irrelevant activity to driving, it can get pretty dangerous out there. While people generally do not mean any malicious intent behind these actions, they can be held liable if their decisions causes a car accident that injures another individual.

Fatality on Farm-to-market road leads to manslaughter charge

Stories of car accidents involving fatalities are always heart-wrenching to hear. In theory, car accidents and motorcycle accidents and the corresponding effects can happen to anyone, and when someone in our community loses their life suddenly, it really makes you stop and think. Recently, a collision between a vehicle and a motorcyclist resulted in a fatality. After a month-long investigation, criminal charges have been filed.

Drug violations could result in criminal charges

Everyone has their vices, or so they say. For many people in Texas, it's the morning cup of coffee, the glass of wine in the evening or that cigarette on break from work. However, for some people, their vices go into a realm in which the law may be concerned. Illicit drug use or the sale of illegal drugs can cause a person to ultimately face criminal charges.

Can felony convictions have an impact on immigration status?

This nation was built on the risk-taking immigrants who came ashore to start a new life. Most everyone who now calls themselves an American, immigrated or had family members who immigrated before them. Immigration is rooted deep into the fabric of our society and America continues to welcome newcomers every day. However, a felony conviction could put a stop to the immigration process for a hopeful soon-to-be citizen.

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