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Finding employment after a drug conviction

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2021 | Drug Charges |

Serving time because of a drug conviction in Texas may leave people feeling disconnected when the time comes for them to reenter society. One concern they may have is whether or not they can get a job.

Even though people may face challenges along the way, they can determine their success. Knowing how to address their past with professionalism and poise may improve their chances of making a good first impression in an interview.

Individual rights

A drug conviction does not make someone a bad person. In fact, people with a criminal history may possess many valuable traits, skills and competencies that other job candidates do not have. Regardless of previous mistakes, people still have rights. For example, they have the right to apply for a job and receive fair and equal treatment. According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, employers cannot discriminate against people based on their past experiences or criminal record. However, employers can legally inquire about a conviction.

Individual worth

Perhaps the biggest challenge people may face is the task of effectively describing to interviewers how their skills can benefit the company. Especially when a drug conviction unfairly clouds an interviewer’s perception of a job applicant. According to Recruiter.com, ex-cons should focus on how their experiences improved their life. Maybe their past taught them valuable life lessons or provided opportunities to strengthen critical skills.

When preparing for an interview, people can practice answering questions about their drug conviction. If they participated in a drug rehabilitation program, they may consider highlighting this accomplishment during the interview. Even with a criminal record, people can choose to exude confidence and dignity when applying for a job. Their ability to effectively market their skills may help interviewers to see right past former mistakes and straight ahead to unmatched potential.