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Man flees Oklahoma with steaks and painting; arrested in Texas

by | Sep 25, 2017 | Criminal Defense |

You would spend most of the day driving north from Edinburg to get to Edmond, Oklahoma. The city was recently the site of an unusual alleged theft and assault. According to a news report, police there allege that a man stole steaks and a painting from the front porch of an Edmond home.

The 38-year-old suspect was later spotted at a nearby gas station, apparently driving a 2014 yellow Chevrolet Camaro. Officers said he crashed the car into an unmarked police vehicle that was blocking his exit from the station.

An Edmond detective ordered the suspect to get out of the Camaro and the man apparently put his hands in the air as if he was going to comply, but then put the car back into drive and then drove towards two officers.

He then fled the area on an interstate highway frontage road.

He was captured In Greenville, Texas — about a 4-hour drive south on I-35 — after a high-speed pursuit, crash and then a chase by officers on foot into nearby woods.

Law enforcement officials said they recovered the steaks and $4,000 painting. While the contents of the alleged heist are unusual, the result is standard: the suspect is now facing a series of felony charges that could mean incarceration and substantial fines upon conviction.

We do not know if the accused is guilty, but we do know that in cases in which someone has made a mistake and faces serious consequences, an experienced criminal defense attorney can help a defendant avoid the harshest penalties.

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