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What types of crimes does the FBI investigate?

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2023 | Federal Crimes |

Many crimes can be at both the state and federal levels. The federal system often focuses on crimes that impact larger populations over multiple states or that involve high-level criminal actors.

The FBI is the nation’s main law enforcement agency investigating various crimes. But the agency does not handle all types of crimes because other federal law enforcement has jurisdiction over those areas. The FBI has specific areas on which it focuses its investigative powers.

Corruption-related crimes

White collar crimes refer to those that are financial in nature. They do not directly involve violence and often occur within businesses or organizations.

Public corruption situations, such as election interference or issues within the prison system, are another area on which the agency focuses its investigative powers.

Threats against national security

The FBI investigates violent crimes that could become a national security threat. Often, the agency will take the lead in situations that are too difficult for a smaller law enforcement organization to handle.

The FBI is usually on top of gangs and other organized crime organizations because they are a serious threat to the country’s security. Weapons of mass destruction are another of focus due to the potential for widespread damage.

The agency will work on counterintelligence that could put the country at risk, such as espionage. The FBI also investigates terrorism, cyber crimes and civil rights violations.

While the FBI has a broad reach and can investigate many crimes. It is often a partner in cases, working with local agencies or other law enforcement within the federal government.