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What do you know about saving money on prescription medication?

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2022 | Personal Injury |

After suffering harm from someone else’s negligence, you have injuries to tend to. Doctors gave you a few medications to take, and you do not want to go broke buying prescriptions. How can you save money while building your personal injury case?

Medical News Today offers tips for saving on the cost of prescription medication. While waiting to see what damages you may collect from the at-fault party, learn how to protect your financial health, so you do not go broke recovering from an individual’s or entity’s disregard for your safety and health.

Shop around for alternative insurance

If you have several prescriptions to take, consider securing alternative insurance coverage. Depending on the results, it could make more sense for you to switch insurance providers if it means saving money to help yourself feel better.

Request an insurance formulary

Before dropping money on another medication or refill, ask your insurance agent about a drug formulary, so you know which medications your provider covers. By working together with your medical team, you may decide which prescription or combination of prescriptions suits your medical needs most favorably without breaking the bank.

Ask about the copay

Sometimes, patients pay more for medication when they have an insurance copay. Before picking up medication, call the pharmacy to compare the cost of your prescription copay with the price of filling the prescription without insurance.

Buy from your insurer

Rather than go to the pharmacy, let your insurer fill your prescriptions. Some health coverage companies provide prescription discounts for patients who buy directly from them. For instance, government programs like Medicaid and Medicare may offer this option.

You need not go broke while on the mend. The right money-saving tips give you one less thing to worry about while you recover.