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The Texas Compassionate Use Act

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

Each year it seems new states are expanding medical marijuana laws, or passing legislation allowing the recreational use of marijuana. The laws in each state can vary widely, so it is important to understand how moving or traveling to Texas can impact you if you receive medical marijuana rights in another state.

Texas does not allow for the recreational use of marijuana and while possession is not criminal under a certain amount, large enough quantities can still land you a felony. While the Lone Star state does have something like a medical marijuana program, it is only available to people with one listed condition.

Rules under the Texas Compassionate Use Act

According to FindLaw, Texas’s medical marijuana program allows patients with intractable epilepsy may utilize certain CBD oils as prescribed by a physician. These oils must be low in THC, however, and high in CBD. Smoking the flower is illegal, as is the use of any other preparations including marijuana.

There are state-licensed dispensaries across the state where patients may go to obtain CBD oil.

Check the law before you travel

Many people travel across state lines without thinking about the differences in marijuana laws, or the consequences. If you are coming from somewhere like Washington or Oregon, where you can buy recreational marijuana statewide, you may not realize you are breaking the law while crossing state lines with marijuana on you.

While possessing an ounce for recreation in these states has no legal ramifications, in Texas, you can receive a felony.

It is important to check the marijuana laws of the state you are planning on visiting before taking marijuana across state lines.