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How do you handle your DWI on job applications?

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2021 | Drunk Driving |

While adjusting to life in Texas with a driving while intoxicated charge, you feel ready to change jobs or careers. How do you prepare to navigate your job search with a DWI on your record?

Chron offers tips for addressing a drunk-driving charge on job applications. A criminal record need not disqualify you from every job opening.

See what companies see

Even if you recently received your DWI, run a background check on yourself so you know what employers see when they do the same. Specifically, check the accuracy of your charge, as a clerical error may lead to a duplicated charge when you only have one. Your rap sheet may even list someone else’s charge. If you spot inconsistencies, find out how to clear them up ASAP.

Do not lead with your DWI

You do not have to reveal your criminal charge in the same breath as your initial introduction. Instead, wait until you receive a job offer before letting the hiring manager know about your interaction with law enforcement. That way, you have a chance to show what makes you a great candidate and develop a bond with the recruiter.

Do not lie

Because of how quickly and easily companies may run background checks on candidates, do not lie or fudge the truth about your charge. You never know if a company cares whether applicants have a DWI, but rest assured that potential employers do not want to work with a person who lies.

Demonstrate the lessons learned

What did you learn from getting a DWI? How did your life change? Show companies you know how to take negative circumstances and turn them into an opportunity for growth and learning.

Criminal charges do not block you from every employment opportunity. Change your perspective and know your rights.