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What do you know about a DWI’s effect on your life?

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2021 | Drunk Driving |

While going over the financial cost of the charge for driving while intoxicated that you recently received, have you thought about how it affects other areas of your life? Understanding the stakes helps you develop a strategy that allows you to maintain control of your life.

Absolute Advocacy explores how a drunk driving charge changes your life beyond monetary means. You have more at stake than your financial health.

Career goals

Do you wish to change employers or careers soon? Potential employers may see your charge when they run a background check on you, which may affect your chances of getting a callback or job offer. Even if you remain with your current employer, your drunk driving charge may become an obstacle to gaining a promotion.


To get to and from work, run errands and otherwise get around, you may rely on friends and family for rides because of your suspended license. Those closest to you may look at you differently if they learn about your DWI, which may alter your relationship. Even if you do not disclose your encounter with Texas law enforcement with anyone, holding on to your secret may still influence your interactions with loved ones.

Emotional and mental health

Perhaps you already experience anxiety, depression, stress or trauma surrounding your DWI. You may manage the emotional and mental fallout on your own, or you may need to see a therapist to unravel your thoughts and emotions and develop healthy coping strategies that help you move forward and gain clarity.

A drunk driving charge may affect you in ways you cannot predict. Learn how to respond in a healthy, helpful way.