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Domestic violence convictions have long-lasting consequences

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

Some people in the Edinburg and McAllen areas may think that if they get charged with a crime related to domestic violence, it is easier just to plead guilty to get the charge taken care of.

After all, many people may see a family fight as just a lapse in judgment that they would like to move on from without regard to the details of what happened. Although it isn’t always the case, they may also be offered a seemingly good plea deal which does not involve jail.

But a domestic violence conviction can have serious consequences far beyond probation and a fine.

Indeed, even though they are often misdemeanor charges, crimes related to domestic violence can shut Texans out of certain jobs and professions, prevent them from being able to adopt or foster children or even bar them from being able to volunteer for their favorite activities. Those who are not American citizens may also face trouble with their immigration status because of a domestic violence conviction.

Moreover, a conviction involving domestic violence can hurt a parent’s chances of getting custody, also called conservatorship, over his or her children.

For instance, judges are not supposed to give parents equal decision-making authority to parents if there is evidence of domestic violence which the judge finds believable.

In some cases, a family judge may even use a domestic violence conviction as a reason to order a parent to have only supervised visits with his or her child.

Finally, for those who enjoy hunting or shooting as a pastime, any domestic violence conviction could make it unlawful for them to own or possess a firearm.

In short, a person who is facing a domestic violence charge should carefully evaluate their legal options, as their decision can have far-reaching consequences.