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Auto theft leads to guns, drugs and money laundering charges

On Behalf of | May 14, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

When an alleged crime is committed, police seek to apprehend the accused. In the course of an arrest, however, authorities may uncover additional evidence that may shed light on other potential crimes. This could evolve into a much more serious situation for the accused offender, making it essential that those facing allegations of multiple crimes to fully understand their situation and what defense options might be available to them.

A recent auto theft chase in Edinburg resulted in authorities investigating more than just an auto theft case. Based on reports, police engaged in a chase after responding to a call for an auto theft in progress. This pursuit resulted in the driver fleeing on foot. While authorities were able to recover the stolen vehicle, no suspects were immediately arrested; however, they indicated that they were aware of two suspects that were at the scene of the auto theft.

With the aid of surveillance footage and facial recognition technology, and 41-year-old man was identified and arrested for the unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. During this arrest, authorities came in contact with a 44-year old male who stated he owned the residence and the four vehicles at the home.

Police stated that they recovered a stolen vehicle at that residence and obtained a search warrant for drugs. This search allegedly resulted in the seizure of four vehicles, 366 lbs. of marijuana, 236.2 grams of cocaine, over $126,000 in U.S. currency and 26 weapons. He was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana, possession or cocaine, auto left and money laundering. Police also arrested a third male, age 25, and charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

No matter the type of crimes one is accused of, the number of charges faced or one’s criminal history, defense options are afforded to all defendants. It can be emotional and overwhelming to navigate these matters, which is why it is vital that those facing criminal charges take the time to understand their rights and what legal defenses they could use to ease or eliminate the criminal consequences associated with the charges.