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What are battery charges?

by | Oct 11, 2019 | Criminal Defense |

The different types of criminal charges can sometimes be difficult to understand so it helps to understand what some of them are.

Battery is a type of criminal charge an accused individual may find themselves facing which refers to the intentional touching of another in a harmful or offensive manner without their consent.

Battery can result in criminal charges and civil liability. A criminal charge of battery requires the intent to cause the harmful or offensive conduct. Battery charges are typically misdemeanor charges but can result in more serious criminal charges based on the circumstances. In some circumstances for a repeated battery offense or if there are certain aggravating factors, the accused individual may find themselves facing felony battery charges. Battery charges can result in serious potential penalties and consequences for accused individuals.

Because of the nature of battery charges and other criminal charges, it is essential for accused individuals to be familiar with criminal defense options that may be able to help them. Criminal defense options may be able to help accused individuals with the charges they are facing, the potential penalties they are facing the consequences that criminal charges and having a criminal record can bring. A criminal defense strategy can protect the rights of the accused individual and help them mitigate, or even eliminate, the charges, penalties and consequences they are facing.

Knowing that accused individuals have criminal defense resources on their side can be helpful when they are facing the weight of the criminal justice system that is all at once upon them. When an accused individual finds themselves facing battery or other criminal charges they should understand the criminal defense protections that are on their side.