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You must fight hard against first-time drug possession charges

by | Aug 8, 2019 | Drug Charges |

Receiving drug charges is a serious life event, and anyone facing drug charges should respond quickly with a strong defense. If you recently received drug possession charges for the first time, it is important to use all the resources and guidance that you have available to keep your rights protected.

First time offenses are often easier to reduce or dismiss than repeat charges, and if you successfully defend yourself, your drug record remains clean. This helps keep many life opportunities open to you, so it is worth spending time and resources to fight the charges with everything you can.

Many people who have never received drug charges or charges of any kind may feel overwhelmed, particularly if the evidence against them seems strong. Prosecutors tend to make the evidence seem strong even when it is not, so it is always important to review evidence carefully and look for any inconsistencies or weaknesses that may help your defense. The sooner you begin building your defense, the more options you have and the more time you have to review the prosecution’s case.

Does the evidence hold up?

Often, police serve suspects with charges based on circumstantial evidence that may or may not hold up in court. As you review the details of your arrest, pay special attention to the evidence that police hold against you, particularly when it may be interpreted in multiple ways. For instance, if police find illegal drugs in your home, there are many reasons why drugs may be in your home without your knowledge, especially if other people have recently visited.

Similarly, it is often useful to request laboratory testing of the evidence against you. This places the burden of proof on the prosecution to produce the evidence from storage and demonstrate that you allegedly possessed the substance listed in your charges. In many instances, prosecution may misfile evidence and cannot produce it for testing, or the testing may not return the results they expect.

Build your defense now

For first time drug charge defendants, a strong defense is essential to future rights and freedoms in America. Our drug laws are among the strictest in any developed country, and sentencing for drug crimes is among the stiffest of any non-violent crime.

Beginning your defense today gives you the most time to review your options and understand the rights that you have to protect. Be sure to use all the tools you have to keep your rights and privileges secure, before it is too late.