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Whiplash injuries require serious attention

by | Jul 18, 2019 | Car Accidents |

There are a variety of different types of injuries that car accident victims can suffer including soft tissue injuries and whiplash injuries. It is important for car accident victims to be familiar with the legal resources available to them when they have suffered one of the many injuries commonly suffered in a car accident.

Legal protections available to victims of car accidents can help them with their physical, financial and emotional injuries. Just as it is helpful for injured victims to be familiar with the legal remedies available to help them with their damages, they should also be familiar with the signs and symptoms of injuries they may suffer in an unexpected car accident such as soft tissue injuries and whiplash injuries. Whiplash injuries are serious injuries that occur when the victim’s head is thrust violently back and forth in a car accident.

It is important to note that whiplash injuries can occur at low speeds and are a common type of soft tissue injury. Soft tissue injuries refer to injuries to the muscles, ligaments and tendons of the body. A whiplash injury can impact the vertebrae, muscles and ligaments of the neck. The symptoms and long-term consequences of a whiplash injury can include tightness and stiffness in the neck; neck pain such as a dull aching; back pain; headaches; dizziness; balance problems; memory problems and difficulty concentrating. Whiplash injuries can worsen following the accident and also be difficult to treat.

As a result of the serious nature of whiplash injuries, car accident victims can seek compensation for their medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering damages from a negligent driver responsible for causing their accident and the injuries they suffered. It is essential for car accident victims to understand how they can get the help they need while they focus on the recovery and healing process.