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When can I be charged with a drug offense?

by | Jul 5, 2019 | Criminal Defense |

Because of the seriousness of drug charges, it is essential for accused individuals to carefully consider the criminal defense options available to them. Whenever an accused individual finds themselves facing drug charges, it is important for them to first understand the charges they are facing. Knowing the answers to those questions can help them prepare their criminal defense representation.

It is illegal to possess marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, LSD and some other types of drugs. It is also be illegal to possess drug paraphernalia, manufacture or cultivate drugs or traffic or distribute drugs. Drug charges can vary based on the type of drug allegedly the possessed, the amount of drugs allegedly possess and the geographic area where the drugs were allegedly sold.

In general, the elements of a drug charge are that the accused individual knowingly possessed, or controlled, the drug and that the accused individual knew that the drug was a controlled substance. There are also different types of drug charges including possession or possession with the intent to distribute. If the accused individual is also accused of possessing certain items associated with drug distribution such as large amounts of cash, scales or baggies, they may face drug possession with the intent to distribute charges which can carry harsher potential penalties and consequences.

Any type of drug charge can result in stiff penalties for the accused individual such as jail time and steep fines. Because of that reality, it is of vital importance for accused individuals to understand when they can be charged with a drug offense and the benefits of an effective criminal defense response when facing drug charges.