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Watch out for people booze cruising on the summer roads

by | Jun 12, 2019 | Car Accidents |

Summer is a time for recreation and relaxation. Kids are off from school, and many adults plan vacations during the warmer months to coincide with the end of class. There are also several popular social holidays during the summer, like the 4th of July. That means parties, trips to the beach and, inevitably, overindulging in food and drink.

Most people are able to enjoy the summer safely, but some people turn their celebrations into risky situations for others. People who have too much to drink at a party may choose to get behind the wheel, creating danger for everyone else.

Although you likely make responsible choices regarding when you drive your vehicle, not everyone does. It only takes a few moments for your life to go from the everyday mundane to tragic and overwhelming because of a crash. Although drunk driving risks exist year-round, some of the most dangerous days on the road occur during the summer months.

Summer vacations and holidays lend themselves to overindulgence

Beautiful summer weather and mandatory holidays from work can combine into a situation that ripples into someone making a bad choice. One or two drinks with friends around the barbecue or fire won’t necessarily become dangerous on their own.

However, combine that with dehydration due to sun exposure or a larger number of people on the road headed home from celebrations, and you may have a recipe for a very dangerous driving situation. In fact, the 4th of July, as well as the day before and the weekend before or after, are statistically some of the most dangerous days on the road each year.

People spend those holidays drinking and, unfortunately, some of them will head straight back out onto the road. Whether they were at a party or sneaking drinks while watching fireworks, those individuals could crash into your vehicle and leave you with a lot of bills and medical issues.

You have the right to bring a claim against someone who causes a crash because of impairment

The law in Texas is very clear. Those who endanger others through either negligence or wrongful acts have liability for those decisions. Impaired driving is both a form of negligence and a wrongful act.

Whether you got hurt, your car wound up totaled or someone you love died, there are simple steps that you can take to hold the drunk driver accountable for that collision. Sitting down to talk about the crash with an attorney is a smart first step.

For those who have not yet encountered a drunk driver on the road, the best option is to avoid the road on the most dangerous days if possible and keep an eye open for drunk and other dangerous drivers.