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Legal help for victims of distracted driving

by | May 31, 2019 | Criminal Defense |

Unfortunately, the fact is that one in five car accidents involves driver distraction. The use of a cell phone while driving creates an increased risk of a car accident which is why it is important for drivers to understand what distracted driving includes and that it leads to car accidents.

Distracted driving is dangerous so it is also important that victims of distracted drivers also understand the legal resources and protections available to them when they have been harmed in a distracted driving-related car accident. Victims can receive help with the physical, financial and emotional injuries and harm they have suffered. Victims may be able to pursue compensation for their damages from the distracted driver responsible for the harm they have suffered.

There is a statewide ban in Texas on using a cell phone to send an electronic message while driving. In addition, it is illegal to text, read or write an email while driving in Texas. Stricter ordinances may also apply in local areas. There are also additional specific prohibitions for cell phone use while driving the apply to minors, school bus drivers and in school zones. Distracted driving not only includes cell phone use while driving but other behaviors as well such as operating a radio or navigation device while driving; grooming while driving; or reading while driving.

Distracted driving may be used as evidence of negligence in a personal injury claim which may allow victims to recover compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering damages. The legal process helps to keep victims of distracted driving accidents safe on and off the road.