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Drug distribution charges carry stiff penalties

by | May 17, 2019 | Criminal Defense |

To protect the freedom and future of the accused individual, drug charges need a strong criminal defense. A strong criminal defense strategy can help the accused individual handle the charges, and potential penalties and consequences, they are facing whether they are facing drug charges related to possession or distribution. All drug charges are serious but drug distribution charges can carry particularly significant penalties and consequences for the accused individual.

Enforcement of drug laws can be particularly active in Texas so individuals accused of drug crimes in Texas should be prepared to defend themselves and know how to defend themselves. When facing drug charges it is important to note that it may be possible to challenge different aspects of the charges including that the elements of the crime as charged were not met, that the substance in question is not what police officers’s claimed it is or if authorities violated any of the accused individual’s rights during the search and seizure process or otherwise.

The penalties for drug charges can range up to 20 years in prison and even an arrest for drug charges can create a criminal record that can follow the accused individual for the rest of their lives. A drug conviction can have a significant impact on the accused individual and their record. Penalties can increase if the alleged drug crime took place near a school. Drug crimes may be charged in relation to drugs including prescription drugs; club-related drugs such as Ecstasy or MDMA; marijuana; and cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine.

It is important to evaluate the alleged evidence against the accused individual against the criminal charges they are facing. Doing so can help the accused individual prepare a strong criminal defense strategy to respond to the criminal charges they are facing.