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Different resources are available in domestic assault situations

by | May 10, 2019 | Criminal Defense |

Domestic violence charges are serious criminal charges that should not be taken lightly by accused individuals. It is also important for those accused of domestic violence to understand the resources available to them.

A variety of different resources are available to those impacted by, and involved in, domestic violence. Domestic violence and domestic assault are concerns that impacts families and communities which is why familiarity with these resources is important. Criminal law can help individuals accused of domestic assault with the charges and potential penalties they are facing. Criminal defense resources are available that can help those accused of domestic assault through criminal justice process.

Domestic violence refers to a variety of different behaviors including physical abuse; sexual abuse; emotional abuse; economic abuse; psychological abuse; threats and intimidation; and stalking and cyberstalking behaviors. Physical abuse refers to any kind of violent behavior inflicted on another party and emotional abuse can include verbal abuse such as constant criticism. Sexual abuse can include coercive sexual behavior or marital rape. There are a variety of specific behaviors that can fall under the definition of domestic abuse that it is helpful for parties involved in domestic violence situations to be familiar with.

Knowing how the criminal law system handles domestic abuse, and the resources available to families caught up in domestic abuse, including those facing allegations, accusations and charges of domestic abuse, is valuable information to have. When facing any criminal charges, it is always helpful to be familiar with the different resources available to those impacted including accused individuals.