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Criminal defense rights for those accused of DWI

by | Apr 12, 2019 | Criminal Defense |

Drunk driving charges can turn the accused individual’s life upside down which is why accused individuals should know how to legally protect themselves. Penalties and consequences associated with a DWI charge can be significant and include incarceration, fines and driver’s license suspension or revocation.

When an individual is facing a drunk driving charge, they are facing both criminal penalties and administrative consequences. Criminal penalties can include fines and potential incarceration. Administrative consequences can include license suspension or revocation. The cumulation of the penalties and consequences are the reason why accused individuals need to be familiar with what they can do to protect themselves if they have been accused of drunk driving. Accused individuals also face a potential criminal record and the impact a criminal record can have on the accused individual’s personal and professional lives.

Criminal defense options can help accused individuals navigate the concerns they are facing and may help them be able to mitigate or eliminate charges or potential penalties and consequences they are facing. Criminal defense options may challenge the alleged evidence against the accused individual or facts according to police. It may also be possible to challenge the stop or tests that were performed including breathalyzer or field sobriety tests.

What is most important is that accused individuals are aware of their criminal defense options and rights. Criminal defense rights are a vital protection for accused individuals. In addition, trained guidance can be helpful through the sometimes overwhelming process of defending themselves against criminal charges including drunk driving charges.