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Why could your charges get dismissed?

by | Feb 19, 2019 | Criminal Defense |

You never thought this would be you, but it’s happened. You got arrested. You’re facing charges. You cannot help but think about your future and all of the ways that these charges could change it forever. You’re worried that you will never be able to put your life back together again.

Most people feel like this when they get arrested. You’re not alone. That also does not mean that all of your fears are going to come true.

The reality is that people have their charges dismissed every single day. Arrests happen far more often than convictions. You could be 100 percent innocent and still get arrested. It feels like the end of the world, but the whole thing is far from over.

To help you move forward, consider these reasons why charges may get dismissed:

The witnesses and victims change their accounts

If the people who witnessed the alleged crime — or the victims themselves — decide to change the stories that they’re telling, it signifies that they may not have been fully honest. If they accidentally give different accounts of what took place, that tells the judge that they simply can’t remember what they made up before. If the judge cannot even trust the people involved, the case can’t move forward.

The “victim” stops working with the authorities

In many instances, the only other person involved in an alleged crime was the victim. Their side of the story is critical. Therefore, if they stop working with the authorities after the fact, they may have nothing else to go on. With evidence, the authorities do not always need the victim to do anything, but it can be hard to prove a crime took place when the only person involved stops talking or going to court dates.

There’s just not any evidence

You can’t get convicted based on assumptions. It’s one thing for a police officers to feel suspicious. It’s quite another for the officers to have a good reason to make an arrest. And it’s yet another for the officers to also discover strict evidence of a crime. All of the allegations in the world may not matter without any evidence.

You use other options

Some options keep you out of jail. For instance, you could be given the option to go to rehab in drug and alcohol cases. Doing so may allow you to have the charges dismissed if you complete the program. This doesn’t change what happened at all, but it vastly changes the impact it has on your future.

Moving forward

If you feel overwhelmed, don’t be. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Just make sure you know exactly what legal defense options you have.