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Texas police officers arrested on domestic charges

by | Nov 9, 2018 | Criminal Defense |

Domestic violence charges are always serious. A police officers in a Texas community north of the Edinburg area was recently charged with domestic assault. The assault allegedly occurred when the police officers was off duty. The 37-year old police officers is facing charges including assault causing bodily injury and family violence. The police officers has been with the police department for 4 years and was placed on administration leave following the alleged incident.

According to authorities, both criminal and administrative investigations will be conducted related to the allegations of family violence. Authorities reported that they interviewed the person alleging the assault. Domestic assault charges can result in significant penalties for the accused individual. It is without question that domestic violence can have a broad impact on those involved, families and communities which is why a variety of resources are available to help, including to those accused of domestic violence.

Criminal defense protections help accused individuals develop a criminal defense response to whatever criminal charges they are facing. Criminal defense protections are available for all criminal charges and to any individual who has been accused of a crime. Accused individuals can put themselves in a better position if they are familiar with the criminal justice process and the different ways they can defend against criminal charges.

It is important for those impacted by family violence to be familiar with all of the resources available to help them and their family. Because accusations of domestic violence can have criminal repercussions and potentially impact the accused individual’s freedom and employment, accused individuals should be familiar with the criminal defense resources available to them.