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What are assault charges?

by | Sep 14, 2018 | Criminal Defense |

For individuals who have been charged with assault charges, they may wonder what they are facing. Assault charges are serious criminal charges that accused individuals should understand and also be familiar with how to respond to them.

Assault charges typically accompany battery charges. Assault is essentially when an individual acts in a manner that is threatening and places another individual in fear of immediate harm. Battery charges refer to when an individual attempts to or does strike another individual. Assault usually refers to allegations that the accused individual attempted to injure someone else or engage in threats or threatening behavior against another individual. A common definition of assault includes an intentional attempt to injure or harm another individual using violence or force.

The definition of assault varies by state, making it important for accused individuals to be familiar with what the definition is in their state so they fully understand what they are being charged with to develop a strong criminal defense. Any criminal charge an accused individual is facing, including assault or battery charges, deserve a strong criminal defense. A criminal defense response is tailored to the unique circumstances and can be based on disputing the facts as alleged by police or challenging police conduct, among other options as well.

Because assault charges can carry significant potential penalties and consequences for the accused individual, it is important to understand what they are and be familiar with criminal defense options which will apply to each unique situation differently. Understanding criminal defense options is one important way of protecting yourself from assault or other criminal charges.