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Criminal defense protections for drug charges

by | Aug 17, 2018 | Criminal Defense |

When facing drug charges, it is important to understand that all drug charges are serious. Whether they are possession or distribution charges or are drug charges related to marijuana possession or involve other types of drugs, all drug-related charges are serious.

Drug charges can leave the accused individual with a criminal record which can create significant challenges for them related to housing, education and job opportunities down the road. Additionally, they may face serious penalties and consequences including jail time, fines and other potential penalties and consequences which can impact both their freedom and future. The long-term consequences of drug charges require a serious criminal defense response.

Certain factors may result in more serious drug distribution charges. Factors can include the amount of drugs alleged to be in the accused individual’s possession at the time of the arrest and what the accused individual allegedly had with them at the time of the arrest. If the accused individual had equipment including baggies, scales or drug paraphernalia, or large amounts of cash, drug possession charges may increase to drug distribution charges which can mean even more serious penalties and consequences.

It is important when facing drug charges to know how to challenge the alleged evidence and facts being used against the accused individual. It is also important to know how to look for any police misconduct that may have violated the rights of the accused individual. An essential part of a criminal defense is to understand the criminal justice system including plea bargaining options, drug diversion programs and other options that may be available to the accused individual to help potentially reduce the penalties and consequences they are facing. Accused individuals must be familiar with their options and rights so they can assert them.