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Drug violations could result in criminal charges

by | Jun 13, 2018 | Criminal Defense |

Everyone has their vices, or so they say. For many people in Texas, it’s the morning cup of coffee, the glass of wine in the evening or that cigarette on break from work. However, for some people, their vices go into a realm in which the law may be concerned. Illicit drug use or the sale of illegal drugs can cause a person to ultimately face criminal charges.

For those who use drugs, it can quickly turn into an addiction. Addictions can cause a person to act in ways they normally wouldn’t. Drug violations can range in severity and in the potential consequences if convicted. It’s important to remember that drug charges are just charges until a person is convicted of the crime they are accused of.

Drug sale convictions are generally more serious than drug possession charges. They are based on the appropriate Texas state law or potentially a federal law if it applies in a person’s specific situation. Punishments for those convicted of drug sale crimes are generally measured the illegal substance at issue, and how many grams of the illegal substance were allegedly sold.

There are specific considerations if a person is to be charged with drug possession or drug trafficking. These determinations are based on laws and circumstances that the prosecution will allege were present in order to charge a person with either drug trafficking or drug possession. Thinking about yourself or a loved one who are facing drug charges, you likely have many concerns about the potential outcomes. A solid criminal defense strategy can help to put your best foot forward.