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Two people charged in Edinburg double homicide

by | May 4, 2018 | Criminal Defense |

Police in Edinburg are investigating what appears to be a brutal double homicide. Two suspects have been arrested and charged with the assault and murder of a couple who lived in Edinburg.

The police became involved when a relative of the victims called to say that he had not been able to reach either victim for several days. Police then visited the home to check on their welfare. According to the police complaint, the officers who were checking the house and the property noticed a pile of several wooden pallets that appeared to be covering a large item. On closer inspection, the officers found a shape that resembled a human body wrapped in a carpet and covered by black plastic. Officers pulled off the carpet and found what appeared to be two decomposing human bodies.

Investigation led police to a friend of the deceased male, who lived in the house with his mother. The friend allegedly spent significant amounts of time at the house. Investigators next identified a woman who is alleged to be the girlfriend of the decedent’s friend. When the girlfriend was interrogated, she allegedly admitted her own involvement in the crime. She described how the murders were supposedly accomplished by punching and beating the man and using plastic to suffocate the woman. Each suspect was arrested and charged with capital murder. Because they attempted to clean up the crime scene, they have also been charged with tampering with evidence.

The facts of this case are striking, but sensational evidence does not always lead to a conviction. No facts have been disclosed about how police searched the house or conducted their interrogations of the suspects. Also, no motives for the killings have been revealed. An experienced criminal defense attorney may be able to find significant procedural fault in the police procedures that could lead to reduced charges or even an acquittal.

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