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Edinburg pastor accused of sexual assault

by | Apr 19, 2018 | Criminal Defense |

There are all types of ways a person can commit a crime against another person. That’s why criminal law exists, to better protect and prosecute those who did commit a crime against their fellow man. However, criminal accusations are not convictions until they are brought to trial and convicted for that crime. An Edinburg pastor is accused of sexual assault, among other felony charges, due to his alleged actions against a woman in her home.

According to allegations, the Mission pastor of a local religious group was called to the woman’s home to help her treat an illness. According to the woman’s allegations, he sexually assaulted her after injecting her with an unknown substance. On the man’s website, he claims to be a professional surgeon. However, according to the Texas Medical board, the man is not licensed to practice medicine in the United States.

The other felonies the man is accused of are related to this, including practicing medicine without a license, which is a third-degree felony in the state of Texas. Bond was set quite high, at $750,000, if the man would like to be released from police custody prior to the trial. According to authorities, they believe this may not be the first time the man has committed this type of crime. If other accusers were to come forward, the man could face more severe charges and potential penalties related to felony sexual assault and felony practicing medicine without a license.

It is sad to hear about even the potential for these alleged crimes. It is an unpleasant situation for everyone involved. However, even for the most brutal of crimes, the accused is innocent until proven guilty and has the right to build a criminal defense against felony allegations. It appears the man will remain in custody until/if the large bond is posted on his behalf. Meanwhile, he will likely be preparing a criminal defense.

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