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Mexico’s no-tolerance law on crossing the border with a gun

by | Mar 23, 2018 | Federal Crimes |

Gun ownership extends long into our Mexican-American history. It is not illegal to own a gun but it is when trying to cross the Mexican border. Unless you have a government permit issued prior to crossing, you are automatically guilty of committing a crime.

Mexican authorities have no tolerance for bringing firearms into their country. This includes ammunition. Customs officials are not obligated to make any exceptions. Even if you were unaware of the laws prior to crossing, a crime has been committed.

Guilty until proven innocent

Unlike the U.S. legal system, Mexico adopts the belief that a person is guilty until proven innocent. Should law enforcement at the U.S./Mexican border seize you, your freedom will be at risk. Many Americans are arrested each year for violating Mexican gun laws. Jail time is common along with significant fines and time away from work to pay those fines.

There is hope

The key to your freedom is proper legal defense. In order to un-do the charges brought against you, you need strong legal representation. Matters involving a foreign country can be shaky since the laws and cultural differences may lead to further complications related to your case. Nevertheless, there is hope and support to regain your rights and petition a drop of charges.

Travelling past the border can lead to a positive experience, but not when you get charged with criminal behavior. Ensure your needs are heard and rights upheld against potential legal consequences.