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Interstate crash takes the lives of Texas sisters, 11 and 14

by | Mar 5, 2018 | Wrongful Death |

It is a phenomenon that is far too common on Texas highways and city streets: multiple vehicle accidents in the same spot. Sometimes a car accident happens along a highway and passing motorists are so fascinated by the sight of the crash that they forget to pay attention to the vehicles around them.

We do not yet know what caused a violent highway crash far north of Edinburg, but we do know that two young girls lost their lives in the wreck. Police said that the pair of sisters — just 11 and 14 years old — were riding in a black pick-up with their mom on Interstate 20 in Abilene.

Traffic in the area had come to a stop because a utility truck driver had lost control of his vehicle and the truck had rolled onto an embankment. An Abilene police officers was on his way to direct traffic at the accident scene when the second crash occurred.

A Dodge pick-up slammed at highway speed into the rear of the black pick-up driven by the mom. The two sisters were killed in the violent collision and the mother was injured.

She has been hospitalized for her unspecified injuries, but the police officers who witnessed the wreck said, “she is expected to live.”

There was no word in the news article about the crash about why the driver did not slow down. In many similar cases, distraction plays a significant role.

The driver is looking at his phone or talking to a passenger and simply does not notice that the traffic ahead has stopped. The results, as in this case, can be tragic.

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