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Holiday alert: Auto traffic expected to be heavy

by | Nov 20, 2017 | Car Accidents |

Don’t be surprised if you see an increase in traffic rolling in and out of Edinburg over the next few days. We are right at the doorstep of the holiday season, kicking off this Thursday with Thanksgiving, of course. Complete with turkey, football, family and friends, it is one of everyone’s favorites.

AAA says that because the nation’s economy is strong and American consumers are confident, holiday travel should be heavier this year than at any time over the past 12 years. Unfortunately, an increase in traffic inevitably leads to increases in motor vehicle accidents and injuries.

The auto club predicts that more than 50 million people will hit the roads and airports over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, traveling more than 50 miles.

The holiday weekend stretches from Wednesday morning to Sunday night, AAA says. Most of those travelers will be driving: 89 percent. Another 8 percent will be moving by plane.

Travel by car will be rising by about 3.2 percent from Thanksgiving last year, AAA says, and air travel will go up by 5 percent. Overall travel increase will be approximately 3.3 percent over 2016.

Almost all of the places on AAA’s list of popular holiday destinations have one thing in common: warm weather. Topping the list: Orlando, Florida (home to Disneyworld) and Anaheim, California (home to Disneyland). The only chilly spots on the list are New York (third place) and San Francisco (in the eighth spot).

The surge in car travel is expected despite higher gas prices. The national average for regular is $2.55 per gallon, while it was just $2.14 a year ago.

Please drive safely no matter where you are going this Thanksgiving, so that you and your family and friends can enjoy lots of turkey leftovers afterwards.