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A Diamond in the rough

by | Nov 6, 2017 | Drunk Driving |

It is about 150 miles north of Edinburg along the coast, you will come to Flour Bluff, a part of Corpus Christi. The suburban area is known as the childhood home to actor Lou Diamond Phillips. The 55-year-old starred in a number of major movies such as “La Bamba,” “Courage Under Fire” and “Young Guns” in the 1980s and ’90s and had a recurring role on the “Longmire” TV series as well.

He was recently in the news after his arrest on suspicion of driving while intoxicated.

The Texas native was in his hometown to deliver a speech at the time of his DWI arrest. According to a report, a police officers had pulled a vehicle over for a traffic stop when Phillips drove up behind the patrol car and asked the officers for directions.

The officers apparently suspected that the veteran actor was impaired. Several sobriety tests were administered, the officers later reported; Diamonds failed them all.

His blood alcohol content (BAC) was measured at 0.20 percent, more than twice the Texas legal limit of 0.08 percent. However, the Texas Department of Transportation says “a person is also intoxicated if impaired due to alcohol or other drugs regardless of BAC.”

DOT notes that a first offense can result in:

  • Three days to 180 days in jail
  • Loss of driver’s license up to a year
  • A fine of up to $2,000
  • Annual fee of $1,000 or $2,000 for three years to retain driver license

The penalties are much stiffer for a second offense, including jail time ranging from a month to a year, plus a fine of up to $4,000. You can also lose your license for up to two years for a second DWI conviction.

To fight for your freedom, license and rights, contact an attorney experienced in DWI defense.