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Technology could help reduce distracted driving among truckers

by | Oct 31, 2017 | Car Accidents |

Our electronics not only entertain and inform us, they also distract us. Experts say that distracted driving is on the rise across the Rio Grande Valley, all of Texas and the rest of the United States, too.

Though technology has provided us with powerful distractions that make driving more dangerous than ever, it is possible that technological advances will ease the problem. According to recent news reports, a new sensor system to be installed in 18-wheelers will monitor truckers and help spot fatigue and distractions. The system will use “engine computer data, telematics, (an) accelerometer” and other analytic data to reduce the risks of truck accidents, injuries and fatalities.

One component of the enhanced SmartDrive System will use vision-based algorithms to analyze movements in driver’s eyes and the vehicle; when taken together, the two data streams will enable the system to “address the epidemic of distracted and inattentive driving,” the company claimed in a statement.

“The SmartSensor interprets driver cues proven to accurately indicate distraction, such as head and eye movements,” according to the company.

The same sensor is also said to be able to detect driver fatigue. When distraction, inattention or drowsy driving is detected, a recording is automatically made and the trucker’s employer notified. The trucking company can then observe the driver and intervene.

According to a news report, the SmartDrive CEO said that distracted driving already accounts for an estimated 10 percent of fatal crashes and 17 percent of motor vehicle wrecks that cause injuries. His company’s goal is to reduce the human toll and make truckers safer drivers.

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