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Texas woman slips handcuffs, speeds off in cop car

by | Sep 19, 2017 | Criminal Defense |

According to law enforcement officials, a Texas woman was wanted on a shoplifting charge when she was handcuffed and placed in the back of a police SUV. A video camera inside the vehicle captured the minutes that followed.

The 33-year-old can be seen slipping her handcuffs and then climbing into the front seat of the SUV. She wound up facing a laundry list of criminal charges in addition to the shoplifting allegation that launched the misadventure.

The Pollok woman first came to the attention of Lufkin police when they were received a call from a beauty supply store about a possible shoplifter. Police said that they ran the suspect down on foot and then cuffed her behind her back.

She was then buckled into the back seat of the police vehicle. Video from the inside camera shows her maneuvering out of the cuffs and then, after watching nearby officers, sliding into the front seat of the vehicle and then driving off.

You can hear a chagrined officers yell out, “Gosh dang!” as the SUV takes off.

Officials said later that she led officers on a chase that at times hit 100 mph.

After a pursuit of more than 20 minutes, the woman apparently lost control of the SUV and then came to a stop. She was soon taken into custody again.

She’s now charged with escape with the threat of a deadly weapon and aggravated assault. She’s also accused of unauthorized use of a vehicle, evading arrest and possession of a controlled substance.